Best Google Games You Should Play 2020

With the next-generation Video game consoles being looked at by Sony and Microsoft, and Google’s cloud play experiments with its Stadia platform, studios around the world are ready to give this generation its swan song while building the future of the industry. The consequence will be a year of exciting new experiences, a reworking, long-awaited sequences, and a few classifying titles. We have therefore chosen all the next games to keep an eye on in 2020. 

You might wonder where the Metroid Prime 4 games are on our list. While it may be (perhaps even possible) possible for a game and other highly anticipated titles to be released in 2020, we currently have a release or release date for games awarded only in 2020. Note, as more games are verified, we will update this list. 

For now, you must play video games by 2020:


Hearthstone is one of the largest card-based strategy games in the world and is the perfect large-scale phone game. To use World of Warcraft characters, it takes an extreme, thorough strategic strategy with simple controls and very complex deck builders. This is a must-play if you’re in strategy titles.


You can find on your phone the sandbox, pixelated gaming builder, and even more YouTube. And like Fortnite, cross-playing is possible, which means you can absolutely do this-which is ridiculously cool if you want to play in PS4, Xbox, or PC with your friends. Today, Minecraft comes to $6.99 on a price tag, and even if it’s more than people like to pay on video games, it’s a thief. Minecraft is one of the most chilling and relaxing games, especially when playing in a creative fashion. Escape reality a little and get lost in your block world.

Space Grunts 2

Space Grunts 2 by OrangePixel is the tried and tested girl in the original title and turns her on her head with a lovely card mechanic. So you collect and use cards that often provide a more stable way to take down your enemies instead of collecting weapons. Space Grunts 2 is also a refined sequel but also brings something totally new to the table and encourage me to assure you that it is an explosion to watch. Hands down, Space Grunts 2 is my favorite rogue, and since it is rogue you can play it endlessly because it’s rogue.


GRIS is a console and PC port that recently made it to Android and it’s a gorgeous game as can be seen in the following trailers and screenshots. Fortunately, puzzle-based platforming offers an extraordinarily polished release of the title in addition to quality visuals. The title round off this title. Better still, the music is on the mark, actually, the only downside is that it’s a fast game, which you can play in one sitting. However, this is a premium port that definitely warrants the price to be offered, so don’t lose out.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming and life simulator that is easy for any player who wants to get into this beast to enjoy hundreds of hours’ games. Surely things get going easy enough, with a few crops planting and maybe a chicken or two growing, so that’s fine so nice if you’re looking for a game with a little variety and without considering a never-ending mission, Stardew Valley is my favorite choice in today’s roundup. It’s fine and it’s pleasant. Be aware that agriculture symbols can be an acquired taste, though Stardew Valley is easily one of the niche genres’ most accessible titles. 

Animal Crossing

While we thought that crossing animals: New horizons would be a success, very few could have predicted how the game turned out to be a cultural phenomenon. 

Any of the achievements of New Horizons can be traced back to the unusual situation of its publication, but the nature of the game itself is really the driver. New Horizons both refines the classic formula of the series and reinvents it to make fans of old and new discovery enjoy its rich universe.

Bleeding Edge

The first exclusive Xbox to be a multiplayer melee Brawler was not expected by us from ninja Theory (DmC, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice), but it was exactly what Bleeding Edge is. 

Bleeding Edge is essentially a holy union between the hero-based Overwatch and the classic Dreamcast brawler Power Stone, although some of its ideas are still missing. In the coming months, we are interested in seeing the increase in this title. 

Candy Crush Friends Saga

The candy-swipe and match mechanics are still intact with Candy Crush Friends Saga (iOS, Android), but also Friends Saga introduces updated designs and new play modes, incorporating series characters into the gameplay. Our guide tips will guide you through your game.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road (iOS, Android) is a kind of endless Frogger game, where a player controls a character while attempting to navigate across a variety of busy streets. The game fuses a pixelated style of art with references to pop culture to create fun and exciting play.


The cartoon graphics of Fornite, special dynamics of building, and quick movement turning this gang into a juggernaut. Your goal is to be the last person or team to be left; beginners can receive a few tips. The game is free and accessible through the App Store but when it comes to Android things get complicated. The launchers of the Epic Games should first be downloaded from the Google Play Store, which is not available. It is somewhat difficult, so we have made a guide for you to work on.


Repulze is far too agile in the future outside driving racing cars but is put in futuristic hovercraft at crazy speeds. The traditions of track design were also settled, flat courses replaced by roller-coaster buildings that fuel you around. 

The game is divided into 3 phases. It starts with time trials that have you pass through colorful portals and ends with you taking AI opponents, blowing them with weapons from time to time. 

There is a Science Fiction background about synthetic men and companies, but that’s all about speed. Initially, the twitchy buttons will continuously crash in tracks and ask if anyone can take your license away. But master and control the tracks, and Repulze is a thriller as you shoot down to the finishing line.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 brings Android rallying console-style races. You can immerse yourself in single rally-mode for rapid blasts with a co-driver blowing in the ear; or there’s a rallycross grinding metal, which apparently fuel aggression against computer cars. Take a look in full career mode if you are in it for a long time. 

If the racing wasn’t up to much, none of these options would matter. It’s really good, luckily. The game looks like the part with very clever visuals and viewpoints, whether it is a race circuit or a forest blast. 

The controls also function well, providing a series of setups to meet a variety of preferences and levels of skill (tells; virtual buttons). In short, it’s sufficient for the game to get this desirable checkered flag.

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