Why Becoming an SEO Reseller Is the Best Way to Expand Your Digital Marketing Agency?

How Can You Become an SEO Reseller?

SEO is one of the most popular online marketing methods. Many new agencies offer services using this method. But there are also many older and bigger agencies that want to expand themselves through SEO. Some of them make considerable investments to create a new department while others choose to become an SEO reseller. They find clients that need SEO and resell the services offered by other agencies. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. But the fastest method to grow your agency is through reselling the services.

If you want to choose this method, then you need to follow several steps. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties on the way because of some wrong decisions. The most challenging part of this process is to find a reliable SEO agency. So, many of the steps that you will have to follow will provide you all the necessary information that you will need to find a trustworthy SEO agency.

Find potential clients

An agency that wants to become an SEO reseller should find some potential clients even before they search for an SEO agency. By doing this, you will be able to estimate how profitable this expansion can be for your company. The more potential clients you find, the higher the chances to have a massive success while introducing this service. As a reseller, your prices will be quite big, because you need to make a profit.

But how can you find potential clients fast? Well, the best method to test the market is to ask your actual clients if they are interested in SEO services. You can find your first SEO clients directly from your current ones. From those that are interested, you can ask how much are they willing to spend. Finding an approximate price for your SEO services is necessary. While finding an SEO partner, you will need to consider the profit that you can get.

Make a list of agencies

After you found some potential clients and decided on approximate prices for your services, you can start looking for an SEO agency. The first step of your search is to make a list of all the potential agencies. The more time you invest in this task, and the more agencies you find, the higher the chances to find a better partner that will allow you to make a higher profit.

Do not search all the agencies that you can find and put them on the list. The first criteria of the list are the price. Choose only the agencies that ask for reasonable prices. Decide on a range of prices that will allow your agency to make a substantial ROI from reselling them. But do not look only at the smallest costs. Anyone wants a big profit, but you need to make sure that your clients are happy. They need to get results worthy of the price paid.

Check their website

Now that you have the list, you need to find the quality of the services offered by these agencies. The most information that you can get is from their websites. So, you need to research every agency one by one and find those that can produce the best results. Your goal is to discover all the agencies that can satisfy your potential clients with their results. If you are uncertain about an agency’s ability, then you can discard it directly.

On their website, you should check the posted results. Many agencies post their results to prove their worth. You can also find the reviews. If possible, you should contact their clients directly and get information about the agency. Check the services thoroughly and find out precisely what the agency offers in their services. An SEO audit can include reports from different SEO tools. But it can also have explications and showcase the problems. It can even contain proposed solutions. It is crucial to know what your clients will get.

Prepare to resell the services

After you checked all the agencies and reduced their numbers, you need to find the best ones. Choose the first two or three agencies and try their services for a month. It should be enough time for you to find the level of their skills and abilities. You can also make use of this opportunity to promote your new SEO services through SEO. You can begin the preparation to resell the SEO services.

After the test, you can make your decision based on the results and performance. You can now directly sell your SEO services to the companies that you found in the first step. Now you have a new stream of customers. Make sure that your clients are satisfied and ask them to recommend your services to their connections. You can also spend money to market your SEO services.

What Benefits Will Your Agency Get If You Become an SEO Reseller?

After you find the best way to become an SEO reseller, you may want to know what are the benefits that you get from using this method. There are indeed many benefits. But how many of them you can get and how big they are, depends on you. If you are lax in the process of selecting a partner, then you may not be able to benefit from some of them, or you may get only a small part of the potential of these benefits. So, make sure to take this seriously and to try your best to get as many gains as possible. The main benefits that you can expect are:

How Can You Get the Highest ROI as an SEO Reseller?

Is there any way to make sure that you get the highest ROI possible? You can use some methods that will help you increase the ROI as much as possible. There are three factors that you need to pay attention to. And you should establish the price of your services based on them:


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