How To Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy To The New Normal

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During this ongoing pandemic, business owners have been trying their best to keep their heads above water, stay positive, and maintain business as usual despite the uncertainties.

For that reason, instead of minimizing your marketing efforts, you must think about adapting your digital marketing strategies to the new normal with mindfulness, consideration, and empathy. To do this, make sure to keep the following ways in mind:

Improve User Experience And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web browsing has gained even greater popularity these days due to the social distancing measures and health protocols implemented by every government. That’s why it’s essential to consider SEO services in Sydney and double your efforts in improving the user experience of those who’ll view your online content.

Ensure that you understand the performance of your website on search engines to survive the new normal in the business world. For instance, what’s your current ranking on Google? Is your business visible to your target audience?

Knowing your ranking on search engines is extremely important. Instead of giving up on your SEO efforts because of the pandemic, use this precious time to improve user experience and optimize your website. Incorporate keywords into your content that are relevant to what your customers are looking for.

Moreover, if your website design is already outdated, now is the best time to upgrade it. When it comes to website design, there are many options you can consider. Carefully choose one that will help you stand out and give you a competitive edge. Investing in the improvement of your website and SEO can make a difference, especially in running businesses in the new normal.

Pay Attention To Social Media Marketing

Most people spend their time on social media. In fact, the majority of consumers prefer purchasing the things they need on social media platforms to avoid any hassle. So, if you’re getting a good engagement on social media, this is the perfect time to connect with your customers and converse with them.

To do that, level up or boost your social media digital marketing efforts. For instance, share relevant posts for entertainment and educational purposes, instead of just promoting and trying to increase sales. If possible, comment on your consumers’ posts and be engaging. Then, adjust your future posts depending on your audience’s sentiments or feedback.

Focus On Adding Value

Because of the lockdown, there’s been a shift towards prioritizing essential products with great value. Due to the price sensitivity of consumers, they look for value whenever they try new places or brands to shop in. Therefore, never forget to create marketing campaigns that will help them see how your brand can add real value to your consumers.

However, don’t just focus on the value of your products. Instead, express how your brand will add value to your customers’ lives. Take note that most emotionally connected consumers are more valuable to businesses than those who are merely satisfied. Therefore, do your best to connect with them on a personal level, which you can achieve by initiating conversations around mutual values and passions.

Change Your Brand Messaging

While it’s still not okay to promote in-store shopping, gatherings, and traveling, you may change your brand messaging. These days, you must remind your target audience that even if things have changed, you’re still there for them.

Provide content that reflects today’s new lifestyle routines. Such trends may include productive activities to try out while in quarantine, fun activities to do at home with the family, and positive messages reminding people that things will get better sooner or later.

Another thing to change in your brand messaging is highlighting your brand’s eCommerce features and offering your customers free shipping. This can help you encourage your customers to purchase your products and services online. But, in case of shipping delays and other inconveniences, always keep your consumers in the loop to provide them with a great shopping experience.

Never Stop Advertising

If your business is in the hospitality industry, you might think that it’s best to hold off on paid ads for the meantime. However, stopping your advertising campaigns can be risky.

So, rather than eliminating advertising from your digital marketing strategy, the new normal for business is to consider changing your current advertising plan. Determine the things that you can pause for now and try to identify where you have untapped opportunities. For instance, you can change your call-to-action (CTA) to what’s more appropriate during this pandemic, such as promoting the availability of your offerings online.

You can also incorporate other enticing messages, such as ‘same day shipping’ and ‘free delivery.’ These messages will motivate your customers to continue buying your products to enjoy added benefits.

Ask For Feedback

Another way to adapt your digital marketing strategy to the new normal is to ask for feedback from your customers. Doing this will help you know what kind of content they’re interested in seeing. Beyond simply promoting your products and services, there are other types of content that can be helpful in boosting your engagement rate.

To know what content to provide your customers, create a poll and ask them directly. This strategy is effective since it enables your followers or customers to provide inputs on what content is favorable to them. Also, it shows that your brand cares about making content according to your customers’ preferences.

However, don’t just focus on asking your customers for feedback. Be sure to respond to them when they reach out to you. Showing them your support and interacting with them will help you establish a special connection that they’ll remember since it shows how you value your customers.

Change Your Email Marketing Campaign

In terms of email marketing campaigns, businesses must focus on addressing the challenges that their customers are facing these days. Rather than sending out your usual email content, try a different tone, frequency, and content to match the expectations of your consumers.

For instance, just because daycare centers are closed doesn’t mean that parents don’t assist with caring for their kids. With this in mind, provide value to your consumers by sharing tips on how they can practice the alphabet before meals. This kind of value-add communication can pull your customers in.


The new normal is definitely a big challenge for all businesses out there. But there’s nothing you should worry about as you can always adapt your digital marketing strategy to your customers’ demands. All you have to do is apply the above tips and never hesitate to hire professionals to help you get the best possible results, if your budget allows.

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